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Shortcode builder was introduced in version 1.4.0 and it allows to add and edit shortcodes easily. Currently it is the recommended way of using shortcodes in MinervaKB.


Shortcode builder is available in pages, posts and articles, as well as on any other custom post types you might have in your system. In your standard content editor you should see a blue button:

Shortcode Builder button
Shortcode Builder button

The position of the button may change depending on your system configuration.

Adding shortcodes

To insert a new shortcode, select a position in text where you want KB element to appear and click this button. The shortcode selection dialog will appear.

Select shortcode
Select shortcode


Click on the shortcode you need to add.

Note, that there are two types of shortcodes: with and without content. The shortcodes with content, like tip or warning, will wrap the selected text inside shortcode tags. The shortcodes without content, like search or topics, will instead replace the selected text with shortcode

After selecting the shortcode you will see shortcode options (if any):

Shortcode options view
Shortcode options view

Tweak the options to your needs and press Insert. Don’t worry too much about getting all the options right, as you’ll be able to edit them later, the builder allows this. After inserting and saving the page, you should be able to see your knowledge base element on the frontend.

Editing shortcodes

Great, now to editing. Editing shortcode is as simple as adding a new one.

Step 1: Select the text of shortcode you want to edit in editor.

Step 2: Press the Shortcode Builder button.

That’s it. At this step you should be able to edit the shortcode again, using Shortcode Builder.

One of our customers noted, that when used with Advanced Custom Fields plugin, the shortcodes are not inserted. We’re investigating this issue, and will add a compatibility fix in the next version
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