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This article demonstrates shortcodes currently available in MinervaKB.

Tip shortcode can be used to add insightful tips inside your knowledge base articles.

Icon and color settings of this shortcode can be changed globally in MinervaKB settings

Info shortcode can be used to highlight some additional information blocks inside. Icon and color settings of this shortcode can be changed globally in MinervaKB settings.

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Warning shortcode can be used to warn user about something really important, like not formatting his hard drive or about always making backups of data.

Never ever do this again. Ever!

Table of contents

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You can add dynamic table of contents to your articles. Just add section anchors shortcodes, and table of contents will appear automatically. You can see working example on top of this article.


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You can put knowledge base search anywhere in your pages or articles using this shortcode.

Single topic

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Use this shortcode to display single topic contents anywhere in your content. You can choose topic id, limit number of articles and select box or list iew for subtopics (if any).

Topic: Shortcodes


Topics list

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You can also add a list of topics, displayed either as a list or box view. You can specify number of columns for the layout.

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